Saturday, February 5, 2011


A Thousand Stones Added To The Footpath Cairn
England 1974

A Circle In The Andes

Nomad Circle
Mongolia 1996

Turf Circle
Krefeld Germany 1969

Stones In Iceland

Touareg Circle
The Sahara 1988

Five Paths
Galeria Mario Sequeira, Braga, Portugal 2004

"My art is about working in the wide world, wherever. It has the themes of materials, ideas, movement, time. The beauty of objects, thoughts, places and actions. I hope to make images and ideas that resonate in the imagination, that mark the earth and the mind. My work is about my senses, my scale, my instinct. I use the world as I find it, passing through by design and chance."


  1. He had a great retrospective at the Tate Modern in London a few years ago. Although it was strange seeing his work entirely out of a landscape and in a white box. It gave it different meaning.

  2. oh sounds awesome! i would have loved to have gone